Join Our Global Effort to Prevent Wasted Water!

INSTANT-OFF Water Savers Automatically Shut Off Water at Faucets and Prevent Waste.            Conserving Water Saves Money, Reduces Air Pollution & Fights Climate Change.

It takes a huge amount of electricity to produce and deliver clean drinking water.
The more water we waste, the more electricity we waste and the more pollution we generate.
Fossil Fuels are burned to generate 65% of USA electricity which is a huge source of pollution.




Steven Gordon – Inventor INSTANT-OFF® Wants To Make a Global Impact on Water Conservation.

See how Fast & Easy the INSTANT-OFF installs. INSTANT-OFF makes conserving water effortless. Every faucet needs an INSTANT-OFF®

Steve Gordon Explains Why Conserving Water is Important.

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Everyone Benefits From Using INSTANT-OFF Water Savers
  • Shuts Off the Water for People with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and the Deaf who may forget to turn the water off
  • Easy Water Access for People with Hand Disabilities, Stroke, Amputees, or other physical limitations.
  • Perfect for RV & Boat owners who need to conserve limited water supply.

INSTANT-OFF Automatic Shut-off valves &  Faucets shut-OFF WATER

People don’t always turn off the water when they don’t need it running, wasting over 500 Billion Gallons a Day. INSTANT-OFF prevents wasted water by automatically shutting it off as soon as hands are moved. INSTANT-OFF converts faucets to Zero Waste. The savings are immediate and there are no habits to break.

Saves Money On Water & Sewer Bills

INSTANT-OFF® Saves Over $200 a year when installed on all bathroom and kitchen faucets.    The Food industry can save an average of $250 per year per hand-wash or restroom faucet using INSTANT-OFF® Automatic Faucets. 

Fastest Way To Stop Drippy Faucets

INSTANT-OFF® stops drippy faucets the second it’s installed. It’s smarter to install an INSTANT-OFF then to waste money on a plumber or shopping for hard to find replacement parts.

Reduces Cross-Contamination

INSTANT-OFF® has been scientifically proven to reduce the spread of germs caused by touching faucet handles.        The Center for Bio-Defense at the University of South Florida  published a report with their finding  in our certification section in the menu at the top of this page.

Dependable & Durable Unconditional Guarantee

INSTANT-OFF® Automatic Shut-Off Valves & Faucets are manufactured using quality parts and are designed to operate smoothly for over 100,000 uses. We are so confident in our quality that ALL INSTANT-OFF have an Unconditional Guarantee. 


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Water conservation is more important than ever before. Every person and every business are potential INSTANT-OFF customers.

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