What is the Fastest Way To Stop a Drippy Faucet? The undisputed answer is the INSTANT-OFF Water Saver.
INSTANT-OFF stops drippy faucets in less than 2 minutes saving time and money.
The INSTANT OFF replaces the aerator on any faucet or pipe. Once installed water flow is controlled by
the INSTANT-OFF valve and the drip is immediately stopped.

INSTANT-OFF saves time and money when fixing drippy faucets. You don’t have to spend time trying to figure out
what replacement parts to purchase. You save time and money by not purchasing faucet replacement parts.
You never know if the parts being replaced will actually stop the drip. Using INSTANT-OFF to stop a drippy faucet
is also more reliable than repairing a drippy faucet.

If you have a drippy faucet don’t call a plumber fix it yourself with INSTANT OFF Water Saver.
INSTANT-OFF is the most cost-effective, reliable, fast way to stop a drippy faucet.