INSTANT-OFF Frequently Asked Questions

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First-  Unscrew the aerator at the end of the faucet. Remove any washers that may be stuck in the end of the faucet. Run the water for 30 seconds to flush out any particles trapped in the pipe.

If your faucet has EXTERNAL THREADS (male) screw in the INSTANT-OFF as it comes out of the package. If your faucet has INTERNAL THREADS (female) unscrew the threaded adapter at the top of the INSTANT-OFF.

As you unscrew the threaded adapter push down on the top of the valve to break the seal between the parts. Once the male threaded adapter is removed you will see female threads (55/64″). Then screw the INSTANT-OFF on to the faucet. If the SIZE of the threads do not match the faucet you need an adapter.  Read the other answer under How do I find an adapter to install the INSTANT-OFF.

INSTANT-OFF fits on ALL faucets in the world.
Every INSTANT-OFF is shipped with an external threaded (male 15/16”) adapter which is the standard size for most female threaded faucets throughout the world. All INSTANT-OFF also has female threads (55/64”). To find the female threads unscrew the male threaded adapter at the top of the INSTANT-OFF.

The male and female thread sizes fit most faucets including Delta, Moen, American Standard, Glacier Bay and many others. If the INSTANT-OFF does not fit your faucet then you may need an adapter. Adapters can be found on the INSTANT-OFF website or sold at hardware stores and home improvement centers. If you need further assistance call 1-800-972-8348.

Water temperature for the Home Series and Pro Series is still controlled by the faucet handles. Adjust the faucet handles to the temperature and water pressure desired. INSTANT-OFF works best at half-volume to avoid splashing. In most situations, water that comes out of the INSTANT-OFF for the first minute of use will be whatever the temperature the water is in the pipes in your walls or ceiling depending on the plumbing in your home or business.

The INSTANT-OFF saves water by eliminating wasted water. INSTANT-OFF converts your faucet to an automatic faucet and instantly shuts-off the water when hands are moved.

YES but only if you have an INSTANT-OFF ECO, 225 CFLOW, 350 CFLO or the 500 CFLOW. All other INSTANT-OFF’s are On-Off Only.

Grab the lower part of the control rod with your thumb and pointer finger. Push the rod gently upward approximately ¼” (with the rod still vertical) straight up toward the faucet. Then twist the rod slightly (1/4”) in either direction and the water will run continuously. To Stop the Water: Twist the rod in either direction.

YES. The INSTANT-OFF valve by-passes the shut-off mechanism in your faucet. Once the INSTANT-OFF is installed it immediately stops the drip without the need to call a plumber or replace any parts. INSTANT-OFF does not fix leaky pipes or leaky faucets only drippy faucets and pipes.

The INSTANT-OFF is Unconditionally Guaranteed for One Year. In most cases, the INSTANT-OFF will work for 2-15 years depending on the quality of water in your area.

Yes. Once the INSTANT-OFF is installed the cold water may be left on in your home or commercial facility. It is recommended to turn off the hot water when it is not being used. The INSTANT-OFF is a valve designed to be under constant water pressure. Leaving the water on will not affect the life of the INSTANT-OFF in any way. Always turn off the water in your RV or boat because the quality of the plumbing systems are not the same as residential or commercial plumbing systems.

YES. As long as the pipe is threaded you can install an INSTANT-OFF directly on to the pipe using a PIPE THREAD ADAPTER. You will need to know the exact diameter of the pipe and whether the threads on the pipe are male (external) or female (internal). Pipe adapters are only available on the INSTANT-OFF website. The pipe adapter replaces the male threaded adapter on the top of the INSTANT-OFF and allows the INSTANT-OFF to be installed directly on to the pipe.

NO.  All INSTANT-OFF are Unconditionally Guaranteed for One Year. If for any reason the INSTANT-OFF fails during the first year mail it back to INSTANT-OFF in a zip lock bag and include your mailing address and we will repair or replace it. In most cases the INSTANT-OFF works well for 2-10 years without ever having a problem. When an INSTANT-OFF wears out, recycle the metal and plastic parts and purchase a new one.

Every time you clean the counter where the INSTANT-OFF is installed you should spray the INSTANT-OFF rod with same the same cleaner you are using to clean the counter. If you see any particle stuck on the INSTANT-OFF rod use any cleaner and a paper towel to clean the INSTANT-OFF rod.

Remove the INSTANT-OFF from the faucet. Soak it in full strength vinegar overnight (8 hours) then remove and see if 100% of the calcium and lime build-up has been removed. If there is still some build up use an old tooth brush to gently brush the material off the INSTANT-OFF then rinse in hot water. In most cases this will extend the life of the INSTANT-OFF by 1-2 years.

The life of the INSTANT-OFF is not determined by how many times the rod is pushed but by the quality of water. The softer the water the longer the INSTANT-OFF works. The more chemicals or hard minerals in the water the shorter the life of the INSTANT-OFF. Harsh chemical like chlorine and iron oxide destroy the INSTANT-OFF O-rings over time.