The CDC estimates that each year roughly 48 million people get sick from a food borne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Cross-Contamination is a major cause of food borne illness. Touching faucet handles with clean hands is a serious food safety concern.

When food service workers turn on the water at hand-wash sinks their hands are often covered with germs and food particles. These germs and food particles are transferred to the faucet handles. The food particles begin to decay and cause dangerous bacteria that causes people to get sick. After employees wash their hands, they touch the germ covered faucet handles with their clean hands to turn off the water.  The moment they do this their hands are no longer clean. The germs on the faucet handles are transferred back to the employee’s hands. For Food Safety reasons faucet handles should not be touched by food, health or medical employees after they wash their hands.

INSTANT-OFF Pro Series have been scientifically proven to reduce cross-contamination when used properly at hand-wash sinks. The Center for Bio-Defense, one of the leading scientific laboratories for the Department of Homeland Security, is located at the School of Public Health at University of South Florida in Tampa. Their mission was to study the INSTANT-OFF and determine if it was effective at reducing the cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles. The Center for Bio-Defense published their findings in an report which included these comments, “Our Research Study found that INSTANT-OFF virtually eliminated cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles.”

The INSTANT-OFF costs 80% less than infra-red faucet or foot pedals and are more durable. INSTANT-OFF Pro Series and INSTANT-OFF Automatic Faucets do not use motion sensors, batteries or electricity and are more reliable than motion faucets or foot controlled hand-wash sinks. The INSTANT-OFF Pro Series installs in 3 minutes compared to a one hour installation for motion faucets. INSTANT-OFF Pro Series and Automatic Faucets are the most cost-effective solution for solving the cross-contamination issue at hand-wash sinks.