INSTANT-OFF Pro Series Automatic Shut Off Valves Save Water, Reduce Cross-Contamination and Stop Drips at Hand Wash and Restroom Faucets.

INSTANT-OFF Pro Series Automatic Shut Off Valves Save Water at Hand Wash & Restroom Faucets!

INSTANT-OFF Pro Series has been scientifically proven to reduce cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles a major source of food borne illness.  INSTANT-OFF is the cost effective choice of food and health industry professionals because its costs 70% less than motion activated faucets or foot pedals. Our Automatic Faucet Controls are durable, reliable and use no batteries or electricity. All INSTANT-OFF have male and female threads and are installed in place of the aerator in 2 minutes.

 INSTANT-OFF Pro Series:

  • Save $250 per year in Water, Sewer and Hot Water Heating Costs per Year!
  • Automatically shuts off water when hands are moved
  • Uses only water pressure. No motion sensors, batteries or electricity.
  • Stops Drippy Faucets
Because of its length and light touch, the PRO LR model is ideal for deep sinks and tall faucets.
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Our INSTANT-OFF PRO SR attachment is ideal for standard size sinks.
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Scientific Tests Prove That INSTANT-OFF Reduces Cross-Contamination at Hand-Wash Sinks.

The scientists at the Center for Bio-Defense at the School of Public Health at the University of South Florida tested the INSTANT-OFF for almost a year.  You can view the FULL REPORT by below or clicking on the image.

“Our Research Study Proved That INSTANT-OFF Virtually Eliminated Cross-Contamination Caused By Touching Faucet Handles”

Center For Biological Defense A Department Of Homeland Security
College Of Public Health • University Of South Florida Tampa, Florida

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INSTANT-OFF Saves Pilgrim’s Pride 67 Million Gallons of Water in 1 Year at the Natchitoches Plant

Pilgrim’s Pride installed INSTANT-OFF in its Natchitoches, Louisiana processing plant in an effort to conserve water. The USDA had 28 hand-wash stations where the water was left on 16 hours a day.

In an audit conducted by Pilgrim’s Pride, they found that water usage for the 15 months prior to the INSTANT-OFF installation was 36,258,897 per month. The average usage per month for the 10 months following INSTANT-OFF installation was 30,614,382 per month. Total gallons saved per month was 5,644,382 gallons per month.

The cost of water at this plant at the time of the audit was $1.62 per thousand gallons. INSTANT-OFF reduced water costs by $9,144 per month and an annual savings of $109, 729.

INSTANT-OFF Pro Series Automatic Shut-Off Valves reduce operating costs and have a 2-3 month ROI.