INSTANT-OFF® Home Series

INSTANT-OFF® is a simple, easy to install device that turns every faucet into a zero-waste faucet.

INSTANT-OFF® water saver devices replace the aerator in your faucet with a stainless steel or plastic control rod. Move the control rod to control water flow,  release the control rod and the flow of water instantly stops. 

INSTANT-OFF® is compatible with every faucet in your home, RV, Condo, Boat. INSTANT-OFF® is the fastest way to stop a drippy faucet, and provides people with hand disabilities or arthritis a painless method to control water in bathrooms and kitchens.

Installing INSTANT-OFF® water savers on home faucets takes less than 2 minutes and instantly eliminates water waste, saving hundreds per year in water and energy costs while conserving water for the planet. The savings are immediate and there are no habits to break.

To install INSTANT-OFF® unscrew the aerator and screw in INSTANT-OFF®.  Once installed the water may be left on. Faucet handles continue to control water temperature and water pressure.

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