Pro Series

INSTANT-OFF® Pro Series automatically shut off water, reduce cross-contamination and stop drippy faucets at Hand Wash Faucets. INSTANT-OFF® has been scientifically proven to reduce cross contamination caused by touching faucet handles. INSTANT-OFF is durable, reliable and uses no batteries or electricity.

INSTANT-OFF® Pro Series Automatic Shut Off Valves are installed in place of the aerator on any hand wash or restroom faucet. All INSTANT-OFF® are shipped with male 15/16″ threads and industry standard 55/64″ female threads. We manufacture adapters that allow the INSTANT-OFF® to be installed on pipe threads and different size faucet thread.

INSTANT-OFF® is the most cost-effective hand wash tool and saves $250 a year in water, sewer and hot water heating costs. More than 500,000 INSTANT-OFF® are now used in restaurants, bakeries, poultry processors, grocery stores, cafes, schools, food trucks, seafood processing, cruise ships, parks and commercial buildings.

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