Automatic Faucets

INSTANT-OFF Automatic Hand Wash and Restroom Faucets are the least expensive, durable, reliable, zero waste faucets in the world!
  • Cost 75% less than motion activated faucets, knee or foot pedal faucets.
  • Instantly shut-off water when hands are moved. Conserve 100% of the water that is  wasted by not turning off the water.
  • Pay for themselves by saving money on water in 2 months! INSTANT-OFF Faucets cost $15 per year to operate and save at least $200 in water and sewer costs every year. Minimum net annual savings $185 per faucet.
  • Scientifically proven to reduce cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles.
  • Powered by Innovative Hydraulic Technology and do not use motion sensors, batteries or electricity. Only two moving parts for maximum  durability, operation speed and reliability.

Guaranteed to work great for 2 years. To extend product warranty for an additional 2 years replace the INSTANT-OFF shut-off valve at a cost of $20. 

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