Home 500 CFLOW Automatic Faucet Control for Kitchens, Laundry, Tall Faucets or Deep sinks. Automatically Shuts Off Water When It’s Not Needed. Control water flow with one finger by pressing a 5″ stainless steel control rod. CFLOW feature for CONTINUOUS WATER FLOW. The 500 CFLOW is the perfect water saver for every kitchen. Eliminates Wasted Water, makes it possible to conserve water water while loading the dishwasher, keeps food and soapy mess of faucet handles, stops drippy faucets and reduces the spread of germs caused by touching faucet handles


Tall Faucets or Deep Sinks

Rod: 5″ Stainless Steel

Water Flow: On-Off & Continuous

Product Description

Best Used In: Kitchens, Tall Faucets, Deep Sinks, Laundry Sinks
Water Flow: Automatic ON-OFF and Continuous Water Flow
Rod Length: 5″ Stainless Steel
  • Automatically Shuts-Off Water
  • Stops Drippy Faucets
  • Reduces the Spread of Germs Caused By Touching Faucet Handles
  • Saves $100 a Year in Water and Sewer Bills
  • Immediate Water Savings Guaranteed – Zero Waste
This is the perfect model for deep sinks that need to have the option to have the water run continuously. Just screw in the INSTANT-OFF and the water savings are immediate. Don’t bother worrying about wasting money at the faucet ever again!
Great for greasy, dirty and contaminated hands!
Operation: Push the Rod for Water – Release Rod and the water immediately stops. For Continuous Water Flow push the rod (from the bottom) and twist 1/4 turn. Twist rod water stop and reverts to On-Off mode.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in