Max Water Saver


  • Bathrooms, Kitchen, Laundry sinks
  • On-Off Only. Zero Waste.
  • Choose Rod Length based on sink depth or faucet height  (2.25″, 3.5″, and 5″)
  • Prevents people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Deaf from accidentally leaving the water running and causing water damage.
  • Recommended for Kids, Teens, elderly & people with hand disabilities.
  • Max Water Saver models recommended for Boats, RV’s, Rental properties
  • Chrome housing standard. Brushed nickel finish (+$2)14

Additional information

Where do you want to install the INSTANT-OFF?

Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Sink, Outside Hose

How long would you like the control rod to be?

2.25" (not recommended for kitchen or laundry), 3.5", 5"

What material and finish would you like your INSTANT-OFF to be?

Brushed Nickel /Stainless Steel Rod + $2, Chrome /Stainless Steel Rod


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