INSTANT-OFF Automatic Hand Wash Faucet 100


For: Small Hand Wash Sinks or hand wash sinks in tight spaces. Model 100 has no faucet handles which reduces cross-contamination and conserves water.                                                 

 Pre-Set the water temperature and volume below the sink using the water supply valves.

Includes: INSTANT-OFF Pro SR 3.5″ ($20 value) and Hot-Cold Water Mixer with check valves ($10 value) and “How To Use ” labels for soap dispenser and sink.

Optional: Chrome cover plates 6 ” or 10″


INSTANT-OFF Water Saver Automatic Hand Wash Faucet Model 100                                                                                                                               


  • Automatically Shuts Off Water When Hands Are Moved
  • Stops 100% of Wasted Water – Saves Money
  • Reduces Cross-Contamination Caused By Touching Faucet Handles
  • Includes INSTANT-OFF Pro SR commercial shut-off valve
  • No Sensors – No Batteries – No Electricity- No Chinese Parts
  • 2 Year Warranty                                      

 Recommended For:  Ice Cream and Yogurt Shops, Food Trucks, Bakeries and any other businesses that have small hand wash sinks and want to Save Water and Reduce Cross-Contamination,

Faucet replacement kit includes: Chrome-plated brass spout INSTANT-OFF Pro Series SR Automatic Faucet Control. Brass Y (part 240) mixing valve to blend hot & cold water. Water temperature is controlled by adjusting the volume of the hot and cold water using the control valves below the sink. The Y valve has built in back-flow prevention.

2 Year Warranty


Water Temperature Control: Part 280 Upgraded water temperature control allows water temperature to be set on a control it as opposed to setting it using the hot/cold water valves below the sink. The 280 provides a more accurate method of setting water temperature. The hot and cold water are connected to the 280 then a single water connection (braided stainless steel hose provided) connects to the faucet.

Chrome Cover Plates: The model 100 is best installed without any cover plate if there is one hole in the counter. If there are more than one hole you will need a chrome cover plate. If the holes are close together than a 6″ cover plate will most probably work if they are spread further apart you will need the 10″ cover late.


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