Automatic Restroom Faucet – Zero Waste 400


Reliable, Zero Waste, ADA Compliant, Durable, Theft-Proof and Vandal Resistant.

The best commercial faucet you will ever buy!


  • INSTANT-OFF Pro TP/VS  automatic shut-off valve
  • Brass Y valve mixer to blend hot/cold water with one-way check valves.

    Water Temperature and Volume is set below the sink using hot/cold water supply valves.


INSTANT-OFF Automatic Zero Waste Restroom Faucet model 400

America's Most Cost-Effective, Reliable, Durable, Zero Waste, Automatic Commercial Faucet

The Smart Economical Choice For Every Commercial Restroom

  • Automatically Shuts Off Water
  • Water is Controlled by an INSTANT-OFF Pro TP/VS theft-proof and vandal resistant automatic shut off valve.
  • Reduces the spread of germs caused by touching faucet handles
  • Uses No Sensors - No Batteries - No Electricity - No Chinese Parts
  • Installation takes 15-20 minutes

Faucet replacement Kit Includes: Heavy duty chrome plated brass spout,  INSTANT-OFF Pro Series TP/VS Automatic Faucet Control that is locked on to the spout. Custom installation tool is included to remove the TP/VS. Brass Y (part 240) mixing valve to blend hot & cold water. Water temperature is controlled by adjusting the volume of the hot and cold water using the control valves below the sink. The Y valve has built in back-flow prevention.

 Two-Year Manufacturers Warranty


Water Temperature Control: Part 280 Upgraded water temperature control allows water temperature to be set on a control unit as opposed to setting it using the hot/cold water valves below the sink. The 280 provides a more accurate method of setting water temperature. The hot and cold water is mixed in the 280 and supplied to the faucet through a single water connection (braided 1o" stainless steel hose provided) .

Chrome Cover Plates: If there is only one hole in the counter top then the model 400 can be installed without a chrome cover plate. If there are more than one hole you need to use a chrome cover plate. There are 6" ($5.85) and 10" ($7.90) chrome cover plates available.

INSTANT-OFF TP/SR (3.5" stainless steel control rod) is available for restrooms in hospitals, medical and dental offices and any other restroom in any commercial restroom that does not have a   can be ordered. This model is Theft-Proof BUT NOT Vandal-Resistant. Preferred by Hospitals, Long-term health care (Nursing Homes), Medical offices and Commercial Buildings where Vandalism is NOT a Problem.

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 6 in