• "I purchased a HOME ECO Instant-Off in 2001. In late November of 2015 the plastic rod broke. This thing lasted 14 years! That is amazing. And considering all of the water that I conserved over that time while shaving and teeth brushing, the Instant-Off device more than paid for itself 25 times over. I recommend everyone have one of these devices installed on their lavatory faucet. It’s so simple to use and easy to get used to. And if you want to go the extra mile, get one for your kitchen faucet too! I’m recommending the Instant-Off to all of my clients who want to conserve municipal water as well as those who use rain water as their main water source... This really helps stretch out what they have collected in their rain tank between rains. Another big plus is that the Instant-On is still Made in the US... Thank you Steve for keeping it real."

    Allan Lee Haskell
  • "INSTANT-OFF is an excellent product! It saves money and keeps you safe from germs."

    Ashar Nazir
  • "I live in the San Francisco Eastern Bay Area. California is currently in the grip of an unprecedented drought. I had already made changes to my water usage in response to previous dry years. The only remaining solution was to not have the water running while I soap up my hands. Motion sensing auto-shut-off fixtures are too expensive. The Instant-Off is an ingenious low cost alternative. Since I installed Instant-Off on my home's faucets, I have reduced my daily water usage by 24%! I used to partially fill my bathroom sink with hot water to clean my razor. Now I simply rinse it when I'm finished shaving. I turn the faucet all the way open, the high pressure stream cleans my razor in no time at all! I admit that they take a bit of getting used to, but it has been worth it!"

    David Perry
  • "I want to thank the "Instant-Off" Company for an excellent water valve!! We have the "Instant-Off" valve installed on our pier hose bibb. It is excellent place to rinse your hands after taking a fish off - if you land a catfish the "instant-Off the next users best friend. I can't imagine how gross the faucet handle would be without the instant-off. We use "Instant-Off" every day -it is one great product!"

    Earl Schubert
  • My elderly Mother was leaving the water on in her bathroom because her arthritis is so bad she could not turn the faucet handles all the way off so the water would drip. I installed the INSTANT-OFF and the problem is solved. My Mother loves it. Thank you for helping us conserve water.

    Frances Fiel
  • "For all you sailboat owners out there, this is a must have. Works like a charm, it really does. Cruising on a sailboat. Water is precious so with this Instant Off on our galley faucet we've noticed we considerably less water."

    George Pyrpiris
  • "I Love this water saver! If you care about saving water & the environment then consider this a must for all your home sinks! It also helps reduce the spread of germs (great for kids). Once you get used to it you wonder how you lived without it before. It takes a few uses to get used to it but then its no problem. My first instant-off lasted at least 2 1/2 years. Instant-off saves a huge amount of water."

    Jeff Snavely
  • "The faucet in my bathroom was dripping. I heard about the instant-off and installed it on the faucet and wow, it not only stopped the drip but it saves me money by not wasting water. I can finally shave without wasting water. Now I can wash my face and brush my teeth without leaving the water on."

    Malcolm Jones
  • "We save water during dish washing and food preparation. No need to be turning the faucets on and off all the time. We also get a stronger stream of water through the kitchen sink sprayer hose. No need to leave the faucet running. Just hit the stick! When using it in our RV its greatly cuts down on how often we have to dump our grey water."

    Mark Hammer
  • "I have been a full timer since 1990. I have used the instant-off in my motor home since 1993. I used it for 18 years before it broke. I was lost without it. There's nothing better when you have very little water. This is the best thing I ever purchased for my motor home- Best thing since chocolate ice cream!"

    Mrs. Audrey Knowles
  • "The first time I watched the video I bought the instant-off. I have kids who don't turn off the water. It is amazing and convenient way to conserve water. Every parent needs these! My kids love it."

    Patrick Kung
  • "Instant Off is a great product - it does what it claims to - saves you water and it works well. Has saved us countless gallons of water in our camper and boats, at the cabin and at home. Give it a try! Conserves water in our RV and minimizes gray water which makes the holding tanks last longer."

    Ted Pittman
  • "Instant-off saves a huge amount of water...I love it! I've used the INSTANT-OFF for about two years and it works great. If you care about saving water and the environment then consider installing this shut-off valve on all your home sinks! It works great in my kids bathroom. After using the instant-off you'll wonder how you lived without it."

    Victor Brown
  • I have used instant-off water savers in my RV for over 10 years and love them! I dry camp and these water savers work great!

    William March