INSTANT OFF Water Saver is an Advanced Next Generation, Zero Waste Aerator that stops water waste by automatically shutting off the water. Eliminating water waste significantly reduces water costs. INSTANT-OFF replaces the aerator on any faucet or tap and converts the faucet to an automatic shut-off faucet. There’s no water waste because the water automatically shuts off when hands are moved.

INSTANT OFF Pro Series are installed on every hand wash sink Bonefish Restaurants, Waffle House, Applebee’s of Canada and in over 100,000 other restaurant locations including: Burger King, Chili’s, Dairy Queen, Domino’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut, Ruby Tuesday’s, Sonic Restaurants, Subway, Taco Bell and Wendy’s. INSTANT-OFF helps restaurants to reduce cross-contamination, improve food safety and conserve water. INSTANT-OFF Water Saver is a sustainable, zero water waste, durable commercial water saver.

In addition to Restaurants, Bakeries, Pizzerias, Cafes, Ice Cream Shops, Grocery Stores and Poultry processors also rely on the INSTANT-OFF to conserve water, reduce cross-contamination, improve food safety and stop drippy faucets.

INSTANT-OFF Pro Series have been scientifically proven to reduce cross-contamination when used properly at hand-wash sinks. The Center for Bio-Defense, one of the leading scientific laboratories for the Department of Homeland Security, is located at the School of Public Health at University of South Florida in Tampa. Their mission was to study the INSTANT-OFF and determine if it was effective at reducing the cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles. The Center for Bio-Defense published their findings in an report which included these comments, “Our Research Study found that INSTANT-OFF virtually eliminated cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles.”

INSTANT-OFF reduces cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles. Once an INSTANT-OFF has been installed on a hand-wash faucet the water is controlled by moving the stainless-steel control rod with the thumb knuckle. Move the rod to get your hands wet (2 seconds) then apply soap. Wash your hands for 5-10 seconds without having your hands in the water. This gives the non-diluted soap time to kill all the germs on your hands. Then bump the INSTANT-OFF rod with your thumb knuckle to complete washing. INSTANT-OFF is the cost-effective solution to avoid touching faucet handles.